Frequently asked questions


What conditions can you treat?

We treat any neurological condition, mobility difficulties of varied causes and rehabilitation with hydrotherapy for most conditions including orthopaedic problems.  If you are unsure contact us for advice.


Can you visit me at home?

Yes we can treat you in your own home and have experience in using the home environment for rehabilitation.


Do you have specialist facilities?

We have a fully equipped gym with equipment necessary to facilitate your recovery.


Do I have to commit to a course of treatments?

There is no requirement to commit to any length of treatments.  Our input varies from one off appointments to long term (many months) of rehabilitation.


Do you provide advice on how to maintain benefits of treatment?

Independent practice is essential to maintain and continue improvements made from physio sessions.  We leave patients with suitable exercises to work on inbetween sessions and at the completion of a course of physiotherapy.  


How do I get referred for treatment?

You do not need a referral to access our services.


How much does the treatment cost?

Our standard fees are as follows:


Initial Assessment

(1 hour)

Subsequent Appointments

(45 mins)

Clinic £60 £45
Home Visit £85 £70

Subsequent appointment fees are subject to confirmation at initial assessment.


Are we regulated to undertake treatments?

Our physiotherapists are regulated by the Health Professions Council and are fully insured for practice in all settings.


Do I need to pay before I receive treatment?

No payment is required prior to treatment.  We have a variety of payment methods to suit you, in blocks or at each appointment.  We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.


Interested in finding out more about treatments?

Simply call us on:

07870 598790

Or use our contact form.

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