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Do you need motivation to get more active?


Most of us need a bit of encouragement to increase our daily activity levels. There is also good evidence that after a stroke one of the contributing factors to recovery is reduced fitness.  If this is you, check out the Sport Relief Step Challenge.

This is a challenge to accumulate a billion steps a day from 17th - 23rd March 2018.  A great way to get you moving.  You can join with friends for the additional competition or just challenge yourself.  A great aspect to this challenge is that it can be done on foot or in a wheelchair, whatever gets you moving!  Just download the free App and get stepping.



Horizon My Amazing Brain - Richard's War


Have you seen this documentary shown on the BBC early in February 2018? This is a must see for all people living with or caring for individuals with brain injury.  It is a fantastic demonstration of how rehabilitation can have an impact years after the initial injury and gives encouragement for those who may be finding the journey a challenge.  Thank you to Richard Grey and his wife Fiona for sharing this difficult time with us.  It really will be a source of encouragement to all who are battling through their recovery journey.

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